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Co-Founder Wayne Wilson

Wayne Wilson


     Born and raised in Pasadena, Texas, Wayne Wilson struggled with traditional education practices at a young age. After barely scraping by in High School, Wilson immediately began pursuing the idea of a startup that would be able to feed his passions, while also earning him a sufficient living. Finding a love early in life for film and photography, the young entrepreneur started his first videography production company at 16 years old.


     By the time he was 21, Wayne Wilson had already begun profiting from his trial and error as a young entrepreneur. Building larger and larger client lists, he was able to develop key marketing strategies to turn a small startup into a high-volume industry titan in the Texas Marketplace. Taking his love and passion for technology, Wilson reinvested his time and earnings into new endeavors, including www.yivix.com, a web and mobile app development company, and StreetCash, a financial solutions technology company geared towards providing solving big problems facing America's homeless.  

     An avid traveller and blogger, Wayne Wilson grew his love for entrepreneurship while exploring new regions of the world. "There's beautiful places in the world all around us, and wherever there's people to occupy space, there's a need for capitalism and fair business. We want to help spread the word about the powers of entrepreneurship in the modern world, and get people's visions and ideas off the ground."


     10 years after the creation of his first company, Wayne Wilson and co-founder John Spence have dedicated their resources to a new found passion: bringing young, struggling entrepreneurs to the forefront of progress and success with an accelerated startup assistance program. 

I was inspired by the world around me. I was driven by the goals ahead of me. I was motivated by the mistakes behind me.
— Wayne Wilson, co-founder