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Yivix, LLC

Developing a website or a mobile application for your product or business is easier than ever. With websites such as Squarespace and Wix, you can get your business a functioning web page in just a few hours. With these great new products, people all over the world are now able to take their visions a reality, but even with the ease of access to website creation, people were missing out on more complex features of website and mobile application development. Yivix LLC is a company geared towards bringing you quick, efficient web and mobile app development with fully integrated SEO, long-term support, and quickly adaptable features to an ever-changing marketplace.

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Cinematic Saviors

Built on a foundation of creativity, entrepreneurship, and a dedication to quality, what started as a small videography business grew into an international wedding vendor supply company. Over the course of 10 years, steady growth and long-term stability were a were consistent goals by not only the owner, but every one of the dozens of amazing, talented vendors that the company would contract with on a consistent basis. Cinematic Saviors was one of the first companies founded by Co-Founder Wayne Wilson, and it paved the way for every subsequent success that would follow.

On the Realz

Following a rising trend of biased or inaccurate news sources, On the Realz was created to bring neutral, opinion-free news reporting about all topics to social media. With a goal to bring together motivated, enthusiastic journalists and creative bloggers alike, this business model was focused on staying ad-revenue free, and being completely crowd-sourced.

American Wedding Professional Awards

After seeing large amounts of success in the wedding industry with Cinematic Saviors, the idea was developed to create an award program geared towards showing appreciation for achievements in the highly-competitive field of wedding vendors. With a cash prize and a gala to show appreciation for the participating party's achievements, this company was largely focused on creating a subset of an existing industry.

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Street Cash

Still in pre-beta stages of development, Street Cash is a non-profit organization with a goal of bringing a new financial solution and monetary access to the financially underprivileged in America. Utilizing code-based web and mobile app development skills, this company was founded on an vision of simplicity and ease of use.